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About Us vol.1

Today I was on the bridge Margaret when i saw another unique face of my city. It was foggy and grey, ready to be called damn weather and not beauty...But as the drilling rain blurred the sight and the lightings just switched on, It was rather amazed me. Little points of lights drawed the Chain bridge, lights form the tiny windows of the Parliament, and the cars made a rainy thursday afternoon a mysteriously glowing picturesque scenery...

Ok, enough for solemnity, I am just thinking how many faces, how different sides could be caught of a city... might be infinite?

My first impression of Budapest, when i was about 7, was that it is sooo big as our respectful capital city. Now it changed a lot, because it gave me many many different experience from the hasty daytime to the easy party nights. I have my favourite well-known sites of the city, and i have my specified corners with their own definity atmosphere. Of course the great memories of celebrations, rendezvous, mischiefs, festives or simple walks give the stories to the streets and buidings I guess it is the same for all.

When I was really get engaged with the city was at the time of Uni, when we started to show it to many many students form abroad, and also started to think about their needs, interests. Sometimes these foreign guys showed me the newest places. I went to a stand up comedy and theater for foreigners, and we found also the 18+ area filled with peepans and sexshops, then we found streets could be used as background for a film form '20 film and and world war.

Instead of listing BP opportunities, i wanted to catch the smell of the city. but i found a paradox, Bp gives different impression for everybody- student, family, lonleyguy, businnesman, artist, backpacker, group of crazy friends, group of old friends.

and can give the same athmosphere for all.

Ithink when giving someone a great couple of days in Budapest, we need to find the way witch opens them the most. My favourite experience was a bachelorette party for my ex roommate. We prepared with everything for her; make up costume, tasks and tools, but direction was up to the mood: Little pubs in a row with freak design and cool-freak people. By chance at every place and even on the streets we meet kind people and started to have chat, fun with us and a short look into our lives. And in the end as usual, we had party where we felt freeer than anybody.

This is how we choosed to make experience...

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