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Top 5 things to do in Budapest.

Budapest is a colorful and cherish city divided in two parts, Buda and Pest. Every season has its own feeling, the coziness and fairytale feeling in the cold winters or all the people enjoying the sun, the good life and parties in the summer.

There is the Pest side where the atmosphere is very lively and busy and at the other side of the Danube you’ll find the peaceful and beautiful Buda with the magnificent view over the whole city. There’s always something to do in Budapest, yes ALWAYS twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. A city that never falls asleep. No matter what mood you’re in you’ll find the perfect activity to do just take a look at our program.

Here are just 5 examples of activities you can do when you visit this amazing hidden eastern paradise.

Bath and Spa,
Budapest was officially ranked as a "City of Spas". Relax and feel like reborn after having a full treatment in one of our wellness centers and bathing pools. From massages, steam baths, saunas till having chess game with some locals.


Escape room,
For the more adventurous travellers, get locked up and try to get out one of the escape rooms you’ll find around in the city, these are a new trend and a great teambuilding activity for friends or colleagues. Just name a theme and we will find out your perfect escape adventure. Here are just some possibilities: Titanic, Horror-scenes, Italian Mafia, Egyptian Pyramids, … you name it.

Pub-crawl & parties,
The night owls among you can start the night with a pub-crawl, pay an all-in prize and get to know different pubs with all kind of themes and characters with and have the best pre-booze you can imagine with a local guide. Afterwards you can just go party all night long in the dozen’s of clubs and ruin-pubs located over the entire city.


Magnificent views,
Let’s have a visit to the castle where you see the whole city or have an even better view on top of the Gellért hill, from where the colossus of the statue of liberty watches over the city and brings peace. The perfect spot for cooling down and have a break. Especially when the night falls the Gellért hill and the Buda castle are great spots for all the lovers out there, monuments, buildings and bridges turn on their lights and a romantic vibe flows over the city.

Maybe one more thing,
Just get lost in downtown Pest and discover the city by yourself and inhale the real atmosphere blowing through the city. In some words Budapest is full of life, has a great architecture and history and the locals are very friendly and hospitable.

So feel free to come and enjoy our city with the assistance of one of our guides!
We are looking forward to help you out!

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