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Terms and Conditions

1. Content of the contract

These terms and conditions (hereinafter Ts&Cs) contain the rights and duties of Alquiam Group Ltd. (hereinafter: Service Provider) and the participants (hereinafter: Buyer) who avail themselves of the services offered by the website (Service Provider and Buyer hereinafter: Parties)

2. Content of Services

Service Provider gives detailed descriptions of the services related to the fix program packages, the individual programs and the full program on the website, of which the Buyer can freely choose a program package, containing an arbitrary number of programs, or services related to those programs, and Buyer has the opportunity to order customized programs or program parts from Service Provider.

3. Service Package

3.1. Service Provider provides the descriptions of the optional fix program packages and the optional programs on the website. Buyer has the opportunity to choose from the granted programs or the additional services related to those programs.

3.2. In case Buyer wishes to amend the program by another program that is not to be found in the Service Providers list of programs, that is to be specified and sent as an additional claim for Service Provider. Service Provider is not obligated to organise all the required programs, and will only confirm the additionally claimed programs in case they can be surely organised.

3.3. Simultaneously to the compilation of the definitive service package, Buyer gives the planned time and duration of the requisitioning of the package.

3.4. The content of the definitive service package is formed only by the program packages, additional services, specially claimed programs, program parts or those packages specially compiled by the Buyer on the website, which have been confirmed by the Service Provider.

4. Price of the Service Package

4.1. Service Provider provides the prices of the detailed fix program packages, programs and related additional services in EUR on the website, the price of the package compiled by the Buyer is generated automatically. The price of the Service Package includes the insurance of organisational and escorting fees -including VAT- of the programs and additional services that have been previously agreed upon. Any additional costs, fees and duties above VAT may arise, they have to be paid by the participants. During the requisitioning of the individual programs any consumption (drinks, food, entrance fees, etc.) that may occur, must be paid by the participants.

4.2. The price of additional programs or program parts ordered by the Buyer will be specially given by the Service Provider upon the confirmation and acceptance of the Buyer.

4.3. The price of the Service Package does not include any insurance options. The Buyer is liable to provide his/her own insurance to cover the additional costs related to travel, illness, accidents, luggage loss, etc. Any risks and their incidental occurrences and all the additional costs that are due to lack of insurance are to be paid by the participants.

4.4. The Service Provider only provides the categories of the optional accommodations and their descriptions. The costs of the accommodation are not included in the price of the Service Package, those are to be paid by the Buyer on site. The Services Provider gives the prices of the accommodation including local taxes in the quotation.

4.5. Buyer chooses his/her own way of travelling to Budapest and the form and time of transport to reach the location of the program packages and programs. The costs of travel and local transport are not included in the price of the individual program packages and programs, these are to be paid by the Buyer when needed. (Because of their nature, some program packages do include the costs of local transportation which will be specifically indicated.)

5. Conditions of participation

5.1. For the insurance of contact, communication and the unequivocal ascertainty of the programs, the participants are to choose an organiser amongst them, who attends in the name of the participants. The Service Package can be compiled and ordered by the organiser elected by the participants. After ordering and registration on the website, the organiser confirms that he/she attends in the name of the participants and he/she is authorized to do so. The Service Provider is not obligated to verify that authority, and is not liable for it. By placing the order, the organiser confirms that the participants have read and understood this contract.

5.2. During the requisition of the previously ordered services, the participants are to obey the laws, decrees, regulations being in force in the receiving country, and to obey the rules of civilized behaviour. If those rules are being disobeyed, the Service Provider is authorized to limit, suspend or in severe cases terminate the services.

6. Ordering the Service Package, payment conditions

6.1. The order for the Service Package confirmed by the Service Provider -that includes the details of the package, time of participation and additional information if needed- is to be placed via the website. Until a maximum of 3 days after placing the order, the Buyer must send the deposit (30% of the Service Package's full price) to the bank account of the Service Provider via wire transfer without further warnings. The Service Provider provides the prices in EUR, the Buyer is also bound to pay the price of the Service Package in EUR.

6.2. This contract between the Parties becomes valid upon the arrival of the credit on Service Provider's bank account, equal to the amount of deposit.

6.3. If the deposit of the Service Package does not come through within 6 days after the order has been placed, the Service Provider is entitled to consider the order null and void.

6.4. Buyer has to send the remaining amount of the price of the Service Package to the bank account of the Service Provider via bank transfer 15 days prior to the requisition. The Service Provider sends a voucher to the Buyer that entitles the Buyer to requisite the previously ordered and confirmed Service Package several days before requisition, that is to be presented by the organiser upon arrival, this is a condition of requisition of the Service Package. The Buyer is only entitled to requisite the services shown on the voucher.

6.5. In case of missing the payment deadlines, the Service Provider is entitled to consider the service contract null and void, and to renounce the services ordered.

6.6. In case the Buyer does not transfer the price of the Service Package in EUR as mentioned above, the Service Provider does not have to consider the order and the contract valid and insure the services.

7. Responsibility of the Contracting Parties

7.1. Service Provider is to handle Buyer's confidential information confidentially, but does not take responsibility neither for data, nor for the damage caused by data loss.

7.2. The participants are liable for every damage caused under any pretences or in any location during the requisition of the Service Package according to Hungarian Civil Law. In the event of the Service Provider being harmed due to a felony by the Buyer, the Buyer is fully liable according to the concerning legislations. If any of the participants deliberately violates the tranquility of the environment with gross negligence, endangers its health, safety or its interests or the execution of the program, the Service Provider is bound to ban the participant from the services immediately, or withdraw the contract, according to the Service Provider's best judgement. In case of any of the above, Service Provider is not required to refund part or the whole of the participation fee, or to give any kind of compensation.

7.3. Every information disclosed about the Contracting Parties are handled confidentially. The Parties have to give out every information about themselves that is needed for the services to be carried out contractually.

7.4. Contracting Parties are required to cooperate through the duration of the relationship. To this end, the Parties are required to inform each other about facts, circumstances and changes relevant to the service without delay.

7.5. The Service Provider cannot be held responsible for not carrying out duties in case of a Vis Maior. A Vis Maior Event is an unavoidable event outside of the Contracting Parties' sphere of interest, for example: state of emergency, civil war, war, riot, sabotage, bombing or any other emergency, flood, conflagration, thunderbolt, or any other natural disaster. Strike or similar walkout, authority provision, any measures taken by organisations authorized by the home defence law or police Act, internet attack against the Service Provider's equipments, and any other event that is being recognized by the law or by a state organisation as a Vis Maior Event or an emergency situation.

7.6. The Service Provider is required to convert the damage caused by breach of contract. The Service Provider is exempt from compensation, if the Service Provider acted in the best interest of contractual performance.

8. Other Conditions

8.1. Service Provider reserves the right -without changing the price of the service- to change the accommodation within its category if the Service Provider is being forced by circumstances on which Service Provider has no influence.

8.2. Service Provider can withdraw the service in case any unforeseen and reasonably uncontrollable external factor (events endangering human life and health, property security or natural disaster) is endangering the participants. In this case the not used services' prices will be refunded to the Buyer proportional of the services not requisited. In this case the Buyer is not entitled to a compensation.

8.3. If the Service Provider does not carry out the services according to the contract, Service Provider is required to proportionally reduce the participation fee. Service Provider is not required to reduce the fee if the Buyer or any other participant does not requisite any service on their own initiative or because of reasons in his/her interest group.

8.4. Throughout the requisition of services the Buyer (or any other participant) is required to directly compensate the third party for the damage caused. In case any of the participants is reluctant to compensate for the damage caused by him/her, the Buyer (organiser) is required to take responsibility and to pay the compensation.

8.5. In case Service Provider is unable to carry out any of the services after contracting with the Buyer due to an unforeseen reason, Service Provider is required to provide another service to the Buyer equal or of a higher value than the originally ordered service, in case Service Provider has the opportunity to do so. If the replacement service is of a higher value, the difference is to be paid by the Buyer, if it is of a lower value, Service Provider is required to reimburse the Buyer. The Buyer in these cases is not entitled to any kind of compensation.

8.6. In case Service Provider is unable to carry out the previously ordered services due to reasons not mentioned above, or is unable to provide a replacement service, or if the Buyer doesn't accept the replacement service, Service Provider is required to immediately reimburse the full price or the price of the behindhand program proportionally. The Buyer is not entitled to any other form of compensation.

8.7. Service Provider is not responsible for the damages caused by not or inaccurately carrying out the program if this damage cannot be traced back to the behaviour of the Service Provider or any of Service Provider's contributors, especially if the deficiencies in the performance of the contract can be traced back to the behaviour of the participant, or that of a third party that has no connection to the Service Contract, and the deficiency could not have been foreseen by Service Provider within reasonable expectations, and was unable to avert it, or in case of a vis maior.

8.8. Contracting Parties agree, that moot points throughout the duration of the contract are primarily to be reconciled between the Parties.
In case the representatives of the Contracting Parties are unable to reach an agreement during the dispute, (making a decision), and they are unable to be solved by a settlement, then the dispute is to be taken to Court. Parties agree, that in case of failing to settle, the disputes are to be taken to a Hungarian court, and Service Provider's relevant site's court is to stipulate the jurisdiction of the Central Disctrict Court of Budapest (Pesti Központi Kerületi bíróság).

8.8. Questions not mentioned in this Contract are to be decided by the governing laws of the Hungarian Civil Code and the prevailing laws.




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